Eyes 4 You CCTV is a South African company, servicing the markets nationally. The company specialises in electronic security systems including, but not limited to, Eyes 4 You CCTV , access control, fire detection and alarm systems, not only in the area of security but also in production, productivity and health and safety. Eyes 4 You CCTV services the commercial and industrial market. Each client is seen as an individual, with specific requirements, and as such each system is developed around the client’s needs.

In addition to the above, Eyes 4 You CCTV offers an offsite reviewing service whereby the client is able to download footage which can be independently reviewed with an incident report included.

Eyes 4 You CCTV has a longstanding history in the business industry and has always strived to provide an effective service to all their clients, offering the options of purchase, full maintenance and repair rental, or bank rental. These services have been available from Eyes 4 You CCTV for over 40 years. Maintenance contracts are also available to ensure that the clients system always operate at optimum levels.

Eyes 4 You CCTV originated in Johannesburg, and has expanded the Eyes 4 You CCTV footprint to divisions in Kwa Zulu Natal and Western Province. The company is under the guidance of the Managing Director Konrad Rohrbeck, who himself, has service with the company of over 25 years. Konrad is assisted by a strong executive board including three other directors.

With constant training, research and development Eyes 4 You CCTV is able to provide the latest state of the art equipment, and are able to install and maintain these systems with confidence.

Eyes 4 You CCTV prides themselves in that the majority of employees have long terms of service with the company. Eyes 4 You CCTV encourages long term staff members to play an active role in the running of the business, and are proud to have some of these employees on the executive board. Eyes 4 You CCTV CCTV analyse their company requirements in conjunction with employee’s capabilities and talents, so that the company is able to steer their employees in a direction in which they would be most suitable and be able to grow within their field utilising their natural strengths. By implementing this method, both employee and company understand each other’s requirements and expectations.

Eyes 4 You CCTV is committed to the Consumer Protection Act, which protects our clients. We also have a strong code of ethics for our employees. We have retained the services of a professional company, to ensure that all our policies and procedures are fair to all, and thereby not encumbering on any individual within the company, whether, it pertains to contracts, labour or terms and conditions of sale. These are audited on a regular basis to accommodate any changes that may occur. By enforcing good ethics, sound business practice is the natural progression.

Social Responsibility
Where ever possible Eyes 4 You CCTV makes an effort to support their local community, in numerous charity drives. Eyes 4 You CCTV’s commitment to their social responsibility remains strong and continues to strive to make a difference wherever possible in the communities in which we live and work.

Eyes 4 You CCTV ’s Equities Plan is up to date and ensures the growth of the company in the right areas. This is strictly monitored for any variances, so that it can be adjusted, improved and updated whenever required.

Skills Development
In the spirit of job creation, Eyes 4 You CCTV is committed to taking on new staff members and training them to the expected levels, thereby empowering their employees to improve themselves, their confidence, and be able to provide for their families. We encourage all our employees to participate in the training courses available on a regular basis and thereby also keeping the knowledge base expanding. Training is a very important part of the business. Technicians are trained and put on refresher courses bi monthly. This keeps them current with all new products and reinforces procedures to stay in line with Eyes 4 You CCTV policies, procedures and ethics.

Eyes 4 You CCTV has been verified and holds a Level 2 scorecard. Through a SANAS accredited agency. As well as being a value adding supplier

In the true sense of empowerment Eyes 4 You CCTV . is committed to improving their rating on an ongoing basis. As per our Equities and Skills Plans submitted to the DTI, we strive to improve in the areas of skills development, ownership and management. This affords all our previously disadvantaged employees to uplift themselves and gain experience which will forever stand them in good stead.

Skills development is ongoing within the company. Training programs are in place to ensure that the technicians are kept up to date with the latest technology. Courses are offered on a regular basis and all employees are encouraged to attend. Where necessary we obtain external training for our staff.  We are proud of our trainees who qualified in access control with an average of 85% overall. Our technicians on Fire Training all achieved over 95%. Management programs are in place to improve the performance of all decision makers within the company. Internal, performance improvement programs are in place in all departments to achieve optimum efficiency. The internal programs are all overseen by senior management.

When looking at direct ownership, the policy of Eyes 4 You CCTV  is that, since the responsibility of having ownership in a company does not end at merely owning shares in the business, there are responsibilities coupled to the privilege of owning shares. We also expect our shareholders to take an active role in the business and to understand the running of a business, where necessary we pass these skills on to employees with an interest in share ownership. We have always made sure that all shareholders are aware and understand these responsibilities prior to taking acquisition of shares.  

This in turn, does take time, however, this method has proved to work as a strong foundation for the company which in turn leads to the sustainability of the business. Eyes 4 You CCTV has a reputation of retaining long term staff compliment, and feel that our healthy relationship with our staff, our current 5 year plan will be achieved.

The demographics of our company reflects the encouragement that we are affording staff in that we currently have 17 previously disadvantaged individuals, in junior management or supervisory positions. This would be a percentage of 52.8% of the total of that demographic. Our total employment equity status as per our last verification report stands at 54.9%.Our target for the next period is 60%.

Procurement values would also reflect an improvement in the coming verification period, this mainly being due to the fact that most suppliers now have obtained their verified scorecards. Due to the nature of our business, we are limited as where to obtain our products as we need to maintain a standard to which our clients are accustomed.

As regards our social economic development plan, this is already in place. We have been involved in providing services to the Impumelelo Self Help Centre for Quadriplegics, in Springs, as well as services and contributions to Little Eden a home for the mentally challenged, based in both Edenvale and the Home in Bapsfontein.
Various other organisations have also been taken into consideration over the last year. CCTV Supports “Sports for All” as our Enterprise Development contribution.

Therefore, taking the above into consideration and the current verification reports, it is obvious that the rating of the company will improve over the next period.
This being dependant on resources and the financial state of the country during that course of time, and by such would determine to what extent that improvement would be.

OHS Requirements
CCTV has 3 Occupational Health and Safety representatives appointed to oversee projects in the various regions. Their responsibility is to ensure a safe working environment for all. Regular training is given to technical staff as to safe working practices, and the correct use of equipment and tools. Each site is individually assessed to ensure that every individual on the site is fully aware of all risks that may be encountered and how to effectively deal with such risks. All staff members of CCTV undergo physical and emotional medical testing to ensure they are fit to undertake their appointed duties

*Mining Industry
*Property Management
*Education and Training
*Asset Management
*Crowd Control
*Hospitals and Institutes

Why do you need CCTV

60% of businesses in Ireland are affected by crime each year, and this costs over €10m, with a staggering 10% of business lost as a consequence of crime.
CCTV is a very powerful tool in the fight against crime. Not only does CCTV provide a fantastic visual deterrent – footage can be used to provide evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism and burglary – saving you thousands in the long run.

  • CCTV helps to deter thieves
  • View remote locations, including multiple locations at once
  • Free Pro Surveillance software for remote viewing available for PC and Mac
  • Remote viewing apps available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone
  • Safely monitor premises from a remote location
  • Provide CCTV evidence to the Gardaí to secure a prosecution